STC has been exempted from the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, by Government Notice No 68 of 29 June 2009, in respect of procurement of goods destined for resale. The exemption applies equally to services incidental to the purchase or the distribution of such goods.

Nevertheless, the STC is fully committed, in the conduct of its mandate, to the exercise of sound procurement policies and practices based on open and fair procedures. It fully adheres to the principle of fair competition while inciting market forces to play in the favour of its ultimate customers’ expectations of value for money.

All procurement of goods and services are subject to open bidding processes. The bidding documents can be downloaded from the STC’s website. However, the bidding terms and conditions are subject to the prevailing market conditions, such as availability of supplies, degree of price stability, quantity required, degree of urgency and so on.

For procurement of goods and services for its own use, STC complies with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act 2006.

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