Mission, Quality Policy & Vision

Our Mission Statement

• Products and Services

To ensure the continuous supply and provision of strategic commodities including staple food such as rice and flour, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and petroleum products.

• Customer Service

As a socially responsible entity, to efficiently and effectively distribute those basic essential products to meet national demand against the constant odds of international trading challenges while continuingly enhancing relationship with all the links in the value-chains including the end-users.

• Geography

The supply of basic and essential commodities shall mainly cover the entire Republic of Mauritius but not exclude the neighbouring countries of the Indian Ocean region when export opportunities appear.

• Technology

To make full use of developments in IT whether by way of technological progress, and its application to business processes to enable transform STC into an IT based organization economic operator.

• Human Capital

To continue foster a team-oriented work environment that enhances employee morale, expands opportunities for career growth and empower personnel through adequate capacity building and manage talents to unleash potentials.

Our Quality Policy

In line with the STC Act 1982, STC shall fully commit itself in the continuous supply of the current line of essential products and any other that may be added to meet the needs and expectations of the nation and the region.

The established Quality Management System based on the current applicable ISO Standards shall be used as framework to continually improve the management system, operating processes and enhancement of customer satisfaction.

Set Quality Objectives shall be objectively reviewed to ensure continual improvement of our service delivery.

This policy shall be understood and implemented by all personnel and will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure its continued suitability.

Our Vision

To be the undisputed leader and the benchmark Trading Organisation within the Indian Ocean region, specializing in the Import and Distribution of basic and essential commodities including, but not limited to, Foodstuffs, Petroleum Products and Construction Materials.